Bring on the FuN...

Our little Nut is ONE!!

Good morning my little one year old...
I think she is the sweetest thing ever.
Playing with her new ball.
Lunch with Daddy at the hospital..
fun new toys.
first bubbles. Thanks aunt Cam and Kell!
We had a few friends over the Sunday after Sophs birthday for a little party.
We love her so much.
She came into our lives ONE year ago and changed us forever!
Soph's buddies Boston and Shiloh
starting to get the hang of opening presents. (it took awhile.)
I love how curious she is.
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

Happy Birthday little one, you light up all of my days. I love you so much.


I got to celebrate with my 2 favorite people..

My Valentines.


This little ragamuffin LOVES books.
She loves turning the pages...

She REALLY loves giving kisses to the characters...
(especially if they are babies or animals)


My little Cheese!

My little Sophie is beginning to be quite the character! She has
the CHEESIEST grin that I just can't get enough of.

she thinks she is so funny... and she's right!
Soph's friends Shania and Amelia from primary. These girls love
her and she loves them. They had her all wound up today!- you can
see her face, if only you could have heard her laugh...
Lately she has been doing a lot of pushing her highchair up
and down the hall
I die when she looks at me like this...
The other day while I was making dinner, she was around the corner being awful quiet.
This is what I found.
She had gotten into my purse, got out my wallet, and found the
credit cards. She is one smart gal. If this is a foreshawdowing of things
to come, we are in trouble.
Pretty necklace.. She kept trying to grab mine, so I gave her one to wear and she just loved it.
She would go about her business, then stop, look down and touch her necklace, then continue
playing. (she did this over and over again.- it was pretty cute.)
First time skiing... gave Daddy a good work out hiking up, and got to ride down on his back.
little snow bunny.
off they go..


6 months

16 lbs 1 oz (50%)
26 3/4 inches (75%)

I think this pic is funny. She just looks so proud...
... and she should be, she is eating like a champ!
loving peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and PRUNES!



Before Church.
After church... homemade chocolate icecream.
The last couple of Sundays we have made chocolate ice cream that is to die for. Troy thought Soph deserved a taste. Her first taste at chocolate. I think she is going to have her mamas sweet tooth:)

My. Oh. My.

I could just eat her up!


So I made this the other day, and I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

Especially on its new owner.
This little nut makes me so happy.
So my friend Ariane had the idea to make these onesie dresses for our girls. (she had little Jo just six weeks after Sophie was born.) Anyway- neither one of us is very talented with the sewing machine, but we had fun and I thought our dresses turned out cute! We only had one minor mishap... Ariane sewed her finger. Yes, ALL the way through! Fingernail and all. And she didn't even cry. And she didn't even scream! She is one tuff cookie. All I heard was a **GASP! "I'm sewed to your machine!" And that she was. Luckily the needle had gone all the way through and back out, so we didn't have to deal with the needle. But the thread was running through the middle of the finger so we had to pull that out. I think if it were me I may have freaked out a bit, but Ariane just laughed. So I did too. It was pretty funny. Anyway- this was a fun little project. Thanks Air!

Oh... and this is in the works...
(my first quilt)


This and that

It's official. Summertime in Vermont is my favorite. There is so much to do and it is so beautiful. Here is a bit of what we have been up to.

Hiking in Stowe. Soph loved riding on Daddy's back!

Boating with our friends the Canes. The weather cut our outing short, but it was still so much fun to be out on the water. Soph is all ready to ski:)

Troy, Soph, Danny and Caroline

Lately this little gal LOVES to suck her toes! It is pretty funny.

And she's UP! She started sitting up exactly 5 monts from her birthday. 07/18/09. Way to go bug!
Sophie and her buddies Boston and Shiloh.
Soph's first dip in Lake Champlain. It was a bit cold for her.
She preferred laying on the blanket instead.
Watching thunder/ lightning storms from the porch. It was amazing. The thunder was so loud it scared Sophie at first, but she got used to it...
Sweet pea.
First baseball game. Go Lake monsters!